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Final choice for perfection in print quality - TR2 wet offset press.


Printing Unit Temperature Control

Presettable temperature regulated re-circulating water system maintains even temperature in the kneading and impression rollers. This assures control of ink temperature for consistently high quality printing.

Mobile Touch Panel Controller

This main control panel slides along the lenght of the press and is used to enter the various job parameters. Registration, impression, lineal and lateral position and skewing controls are all motorized at each printing station, with the adjustments entered from this main control panel. This assures maximal efficiency in job set-up."

Servo Drive Technology

The machine utilizes servo drive motors with digital controls for numerous machine operations that include printing stations drive, setting repeat lenght, register position, impression adjustments, etc. New jobs as well as repeat orders are all performed with minimal material waste.



Possible to do big solid cold foil,add value by printing on foil.


Easy operation for glue side printing in semi rotary feeding


Hot foil and dedossing can be done in semi rotary feeding

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Movie of TR2



TR2 HD-330 D-330
Maximum Printing Dimension 310×254mm
Maximum Die Cutting Dimension 310×254mm(option) 310×310mm ←
Maximum Hot Stamping Dimension 310×310mm
Web Width 100~330mm ← ←
Repeat Lenght 50~260mm 50~310mm ←
Speed 30~250rpm 30~200rpm ←
Power Source(Main machine) 3 phase 200V 26kw (5C) 3相200V 12kw 3相200V 9kw
Power Source(UV system) 3 phase 200V 5.6kwx (5C)
Air Pressure 6kg/cm2
Net Weight 11,700kg (5C+RD) 4,000kg 2,500kg
M3 26.9m3 8.8m3 5.8m3



Offset Printing Unit 960mm HD-330 3,295mm
Rotary Die Cut Unit 730mm D-330 2,295mm
Intermittent Laminate Unit 960mm SWS-350 1,100mm
Flexo Unit 960mm
Rotary Hot Foil Stamping Unit 960mm
Backside Printing Unit 1,150mm

*In order to provide state-of-the-art technology, the manufacturer reserves right to introduce changes without prior notice.
*The above mentioned various numbers and figures in this catalogue are based on the technical capabilities of the machine.Various size and actual paper feeding motor speeds will be affected by factors such as printing design, repeat length,material types etc.
*TR2:Paper feeding motor speeds can be up to 190rpm with repeat length of 260mm. Paper feeding motor speed of 250rpm can be achieved with repeat lengths of up to 120mm.
*DH330:Paper feeding motor speeds can be up to 130rpm with repeat length of 310mm. Paper feeding motor speed of 250rpm can be achieved with repeat lengths of up to 150mm.
*The electrical consumption mentioned in the catalogue is based on five color standard TR2 press, or D330 & DH330 standard machines. The electrical consumption will vary depending on the optional equipment selected.

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